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The absolute best Javelina Call. Each J-13 LIMITED is precision CNC machined from delrin stock. Delrin is an extremely dense material of high strength featuring a low coefficient of friction, zero moisture absorption, superb dimensional stability, and a continuous service temperature of -50 to 180F. These attributes provide for its tremendous acoustical consistency, and produce sharp, crisp and loud vocals.

The removable mouth piece was field tested, designed, and prototyping to achieve the perfect consistency of sound, and ease of use and reed replacement, and features a hand-tuned stainless steel JC product reed. This Javelina call will produce tantalizing javelina distress vocals. Perfect for producing the correct pitch, volume, and sound for attracting and provoking Javelina. It exploits the Javelina's pack, herd, and maternal instinct to come to the aid of a herd member or piglet when it's being attacked or wounded. Also deadly effective on desert black bear & mt. lion. Professional quality, extremely loud and sharp tone - Javelina will come running!.

The JavelinaHunter.com J-13 LIMITED Javelina call is expressly made for calling Javelina. From concept to prototype, and finally production, the J-13 has been field tested in the Arizona desert on wild free-ranging Javelina each step of the way. Each call is hand tuned by Javelina Hunting expert AP Jones. As an bonus each call comes complete with a 30 page javelina calling and hunting tips pamphlet. If your serious about Javelina hunting - get one!

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